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What is Thermal Insulation?

Thermal Insulation is a material or combination of various materials general usability is to resist the flow of heat transfer

What causes heat transfer?
Temperature difference that causes the heat transfer.

Loss or profit when using Thermal Insulation?
There is a term insulation “pays for itself”
Thermal insulation is an investment that is needed in the industry for a reason energy saving.
Losses will be felt at the beginning of the year the investment is the installation of insulation but the benefits will be felt in the long term.

Benefit when using Removable GTE Thermal Insulation?

  1. Reducing Engergy Cost.
  2. Enable Periodic Maintenance
  3. Prevent Waste and Excess cost of Hard Insulation
  4. Extend of Life of Equipment & Machinery
  5. Improve workplace safely

Sample Application :


Steam Pipe

Reducer Pipe

Steam Pipe

Gate Valve

Angle Stop Valve